Why Is the Number 13 Considered Unlucky?

Many people believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, that the 13th floor of a building is unlucky, or that the number 13 in general is unlucky. No one seems to know exactly why this came to be so, but there are many possible explanations.

One is that the superstition goes back to the Last Supper. There were 13 people at the meal, including Jesus Christ, and Judas was thought to be the 13th guest.

In some ancient European religions, there were 12 good gods and one evil god; the evil god was called the 13th god. And a meeting of witches, called a Sabbath, required at least 13 witches.

Friday has also long been considered unlucky, perhaps because Christ died on Friday. Since Friday and the number 13 are both considered unlucky, then Friday the 13th is considered the unluckiest day of all!

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6 thoughts on “Why Is the Number 13 Considered Unlucky?”

  1. Many say if you have 13 letters in you name you have the devil on your back Charles Manson Saddam Hussein Jeffrey Dahmer

  2. i can’t believe ” friday 13″ bcoz i have 13 letters in my name and i m not devil. and friday is a secrosant day. thats all rumours .

  3. the number 13 is showing up everywhere
    im 13 years old
    im freaked out
    i look behind me when i feel something touching my back and there is nothing there
    i don’t no wats happening…
    my computer is playing up typing things im not typing
    what do i do?

  4. It is called superstition – the so-called unlucky 13..
    Superstition is the credulous belief in something that is not based on knowledge or reason..
    So it is up to you to believe in it or not..

  5. Ok so I was born December 13 1985, which was on Friday the 13th. I also have 13 letters in my name. My life was great til I was about 16 when I got injured playing varsity football which ended my dream of college athletics. I was prescribed pain killers which I became almost instantly addicted to. From my jr year til I graduated was filled with extensive drug use, jail, loss of all normal friends, and several deaths of people that i was close to. Eventually things smoothed out and I joined the marine corps when I was 20. I had great success in the corps until I returned from Iraq during my 3rd year in service. My best friend died from an overdose and i started abusing narcotic pain medications that were prescribed. Got in some trouble after requesting help for my addiction once I completed treatment. Blah blah blah so on n so on… So my first year out was excellent. Kicked ass in school etc saving money yada yada yada. Now, over the past few months my luck has been poor. I don’t like to make excuses and blame anyone but myself, but damn. I can’t get a break. IS IT CUZ I WAS CURSED FROM BIRTH??? What do u think???

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