Would the Savage Tasmanian Devil Make a Good Pet?

Tasmanian Devils can make marvelous pets and become very attached to the people they live with.

In the wild, Tasmanian devils will allow themselves to be picked up and handled even when they are feeding. This is amazing, for most animals, even a family dog, do not like to be disturbed when eating.

Tasmanian devils feed on any flesh and will even kill animals larger than themselves. Tasmanian devils are one to two feet long with a foot-long tail.

Their coat is black with white patches at the throat. They look like small bears with pig-like snouts. The devils are thought to exist only in Tasmania, though at one time they were residents of Australia.

A lady that kept and bred these animals as pets says that they are extremely affectionate. A Tasmanian farmer had two devils that he used to take with him wherever he went, even into the city. He kept them on leashes as though they were dogs.