Are Moles Blind?

Almost, but not quite. Since moles live in underground tunnels, which they burrow, or dig, themselves, they have no need to see well. Their eyes are small, and a layer of fur and skin droops over them. In other ways, too, the mole’s body is suited for burrowing.

A mole’s large, strong front feet can dig, push, or scoop soil with ease. With these feet, the mole clears its tunnel of earth, pushing the soil up to the surface, leaving it in heaps called molehills. Though a mole seldom eats plants, its tunnels ruin gardens.

Moles may weigh as little as 1.5 ounces and as much as 5 ounces, and eat their own weight in food every day. The mole’s diet consists of insects and worms.

A rainy night may bring a mole out of its tunnel nest to feast on the earthworms the rain has brought to the surface. To protect itself from the damp earth underground, the mole has a thick, silky coat of fur.

A mole can dig underground as fast as it can walk above ground!