Will Wolves Attack Human Beings?

Although wolves do attack people, for the most part, they avoid them. However, these gray, black, or red dog-like animals are great hunters. First they howl to get their pack together. Sometimes a pack will consist of about six wolves, but together, they are enough to chase and tire a deer and then kill it.

Wolves have been accused of killing for sport because their uneaten kill is often found on trails. This is a mistaken idea, for wolves divide their time between hunting and preparing dens for a coming litter. The parents-to-be stop hunting and leave the kill for a time. They select a number of dens, then take their previous kill to stock these dens for their cubs’ food. Wolves usually mate for life and are good and attentive parents.

A wolf can run continuously for hours, at a speed of 20 miles per hour!

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2 thoughts on “Will Wolves Attack Human Beings?”

  1. You said “The parents-to-be stop hunting and leave the kill for a time.” What do you mean of “for a time.”
    You didn’t explain why they killed and left the prey without eating?

  2. They leave the kill long enough to return to the dens and check on the young and then return to take food the the dens. They do eat right after the kill, but only enough to quench hunger and save the rest for the dens.

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