Which Is the Most Landed Space In Monopoly and How Many People In the World Have Played Monopoly?

which is the most landed space in monopoly and how many people in the world have played monopoly

Illinois Avenue is the most landed space in Monopoly. It is followed by B&O Railroad, Free Parking, Tennessee Avenue, New York Avenue, and Reading Railroad. Monopoly is a redesign of an earlier game “The Landlord’s Game”, which was first published by the Quaker and political activist Elizabeth Magie. Monopoly is also the most played commercial … Read more

What do the Distress Letters SOS Stand For and How did the International Distress Signal Originate?

what do the distress letters sos stand for and how did the international distress signal originate

The international Morse code distress signal is commonly known as SOS. Morse code is a series of electrical impulses that signify the letters of a structured message. SOS doesn’t stand for “save our ship” or “save our souls,” as has been commonly believed. First adopted by the German government in radio regulations, the letters SOS … Read more

What was Considered a Computer Before the Electronic Age and How Much Did it Cost?

what was considered a computer before the electronic age and how much did it cost

The word computer first appeared in the seventeenth century as the job title of a person who did calculations as an occupation. Most human computers weren’t paid very much, just like the Information Technology workers of today, even though their job descriptions are slightly different. Although slide rules were sometimes called computers, it wasn’t until … Read more