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Monopoly GO Free Dice: Your Handbook to Rolling Without Cost

Monopoly GO has evolved into a virtual landscape of strategic gameplay, and one of the most crucial elements for success is the ability to roll the dice and advance around the board. This handbook is designed to navigate players through the myriad of ways to secure free dice rolls in Monopoly GO, ensuring that both … Read more

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Understanding the Impact of Squirrel Feces on Urban Ecosystems

Squirrel feces play a significant role in urban ecosystems, impacting soil quality, serving as a food source for wildlife, and posing health risks to humans. Understanding these effects is crucial for managing urban environments and promoting ecosystem health. Key Takeaways Squirrel feces contribute to nutrient enrichment in soil, enhancing plant growth and ecosystem productivity. The … Read more

Eleanor Johnson Shuman: A Titanic Survivor’s Tale of Resilience

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Freshen Up Your Home: The Ultimate Guide to Insulation Replacement in the Attic

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Protecting Your Home with a Gable Vent Screen Installation

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The Unmistakable Trace: Understanding Squirrel Droppings

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Secure the Dead: The Macabre World of Mortsafes in Victorian Cemeteries

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The Art of Warmth Maintenance: How Does a Smudge Pot Work?

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Security in Death: The History and Purpose of the Mortsafe

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Exploring Traditional Cuisine: Making a Hearty Souse Loaf

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Total Nuisance Averted: Mastering Critter Removal Techniques

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Bog Iron Extraction: A Historical Perspective

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Safe and Effective Methods for Removing a Dead Animal from Your Property

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Mastering the Art of Seared Foie Gras: A Culinary Guide

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5 Surprising Facts About Armadillo Poop You Probably Didn’t Know

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What Are Algorithmic Stablecoins?

what are algorithmic stablecoins

What exactly are algorithmic stablecoins? The most important aspect of an algorithmic stablecoin is its utility. Although the majority of algorithmic stablecoins do not have security status, they are intended to be the reserve currency for the financial ecosystem that is decentralized. Therefore, they must have a utility and have an infrastructure that is decentralized. … Read more

Why Was Bitcoin Created?

why was bitcoin created

The question “Why was Bitcoin created?” is a common one. is frequently asked, but nobody knows the answers. The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, and two other creators, Nick Szabo and Craig Wright are among the most significant figures in the history of Bitcoin. The reason they invented it is that it is decentralized, meaning … Read more

Why Do Dingoes Eat Babies?

why do dingoes eat babies

The question “Why Dingoes Eat Babies?” has been asked many times. Few Americans are aware that it’s an absurdity and is actually based on an actual incident. The joke was popularized by television shows such as Seinfeld, The Simpsons, etc. Many Americans may have heard it before. It’s better to find out the truth than … Read more

Which Explorers First Explored the Continents of the World?

which explorers first explored the continents of the world

Who was La Salle? Robert Cavalier, Sieur de La Salle, was born in 1643 and studied in Jesuit schools to become a priest. But lured by the opportunity of adventure and fortune in North America, the 22-year-old Frenchman traveled to Montreal, a city on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. He cleared a patch … Read more

What was the European Age of Exploration?

what was the european age of exploration

We know of many explorers and travelers from the Middle East, Africa, and China before the 1400s. But during the fifteenth century, advances in exploration occurred in a relative backwater of the world—western Europe. At the dawn of the 1400s, most Europeans tilled the soil and had little knowledge of the world beyond their villages. … Read more

Who Were the First Explorers of Ancient Civilization?

who were the first explorers of ancient civilization

Thousands of years ago, vast empires rose and fell in Egypt, Greece, Italy, the Middle East, northern Africa, China, and India. Bold explorers from these civilizations, such as Pytheas and Hanno, ventured into unknown lands and seas. Most of them searched for new trade routes or places to settle. Today, scholars have limited knowledge of … Read more

5 Greatest Inventions in the Last 500 Years

5 Greatest Inventions in the Last 500 Years

Dancing How glad you are about the invention of dancing will depend largely on whether or not you’re any good at it. Dancing Queen. Of course, no one knows who was the first person to start tapping their feet in time to some music or the site of the world’s first dance floor. But we … Read more

10 Inventions That We Can’t Live Without

10 Inventions That We Can't Live Without

The Language Decoder A language decoder would be an incredible tool to have at your disposal —you’d be able to converse with everyone, no matter where they came from and what language they spoke! It may sound like science fiction, but the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on a version of … Read more

15 Inventions You Wish You Invented

15 Inventions You Wish You Invented

The Ejector Seat Although it looks funny in action, the ejector seat has saved thousands of lives since its invention in the middle of the 20th century. Supersonic Seats. An ejector seat is designed to catapult the pilot and crew out of a plane in an emergency, inflate a parachute once the seat is clear … Read more

The Best 20 Inventions Ever Invented

The Best 20 Inventions Ever Invented

Fizzy Drinks Too many fizzy drinks can be bad for you, but the first manufactured fizzy drinks were just bubbles in water, which isn’t so bad for you, just flavorless. A Glass of Bubbly. The fizz in fizzy drinks is dissolved carbon dioxide (the same gas you breathe out). No one really invented fizzy drinks … Read more

Top 25 Inventions That Changed Our Lives Forever

Top 25 Inventions That Changed Our Lives Forever

Sliced Bread You often hear things referred to as the best thing since sliced bread’. But when was sliced bread invented, and why is it such a good thing? Bread: Who Kneads It? You wouldn’t have thought that inventing a machine to slice bread would be that difficult. Yet one man spent 16 years of … Read more

Top 25 Inventions That Changed the World

Top 25 Inventions That Changed the World

Photography Most people keep photos as a reminder of special people and moments. Unfortunately, photos can also remind us of all our bad hair days and fashion blunders. Say Cheese. People have known how to project images using a pinhole camera for thousands of years, they were using them in China 2,500 years ago. But … Read more

What Are the Different Compartments In My Fridge Used For and What Does the Crisper Do?

what are the different compartments in my fridge used for and what does the crisper do

Every time I open the refrigerator door, Alex, my Siamese cat, eyes the contents like Willie Sutton peeking into Fort Knox. He knows that that big, white impregnable strongbox contains all the pleasures life has to offer. (He’s neutered.) We humans aren’t much different. Our refrigerators are our treasure houses. Their contents reflect our individual … Read more

What Is Food Irradiation and Is Food Irradiation Safe?

what is food irradiation and is food irradiation safe

Food irradiation is the practice of producers’ subjecting their food products to intense fields of gamma rays, X rays, or high-energy electrons before shipping them to market. Why would they want to do this? Irradiation kills harmful bacteria, including E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and Listeria, among others, thereby reducing the danger of food-borne illness. Irradiation … Read more

Why Do Crackers and Matzos Have All Those Little Holes In Them?

why do crackers and matzos have all those little holes in them

Saltines, Wheat Thins, Triscuits, Ritz Crackers, grahams, you name it, there’s hardly a cracker anywhere that doesn’t have a pattern of little holes in it. The makers of matzos, the unleavened flatbread of the Jewish Passover, seem to have gone hog wild (you should excuse the expression) on perforations. Matzos are much hole-ier than secular … Read more

How Does a Light Oven Work?

how does a light oven work

Is this a new way of making heat for cooking, after fire, microwaves, and induction ranges? No. The so-called light oven makes heat in pretty much the same way your electric range does: through the electrical resistance-heating of metal. Light ovens have been in specialized commercial use since about 1993 but are now being produced … Read more

How Does an Induction Cooktop Work?

how does an induction cooktop work

Microwave ovens were the first new way of making heat for cooking in more than a million years. Well, now there’s a second one: magnetic induction heating. Magnetic induction has been used for the past decade or so in some European and Japanese food service kitchens, and more recently in commercial American kitchens. They are … Read more

What Is the Advantage of a Pressure Cooker and How Do They Work?

what is the advantage of a pressure cooker and how do they work

Pressure cookers speed up cooking by making water boil at a higher-than-normal temperature. In the process, they may hiss, rattle, and sizzle like an infernal machine, threatening to redecorate your kitchen in shades of goulash. But your mother’s pressure cooker has been re-engineered to be more mannerly and nearly foolproof. As with all cooking appliances, … Read more

What Is the Best Way To Keep Copper Cookware Looking Clean and New?

what is the best way to keep copper cookware looking clean and new

Shiny copper is beautiful, and there are some wonderfully effective polishes on the market. But are you a cook or a decorator? The great virtue of copper or copper-clad cookware is that it conducts heat superbly and evenly. For that it deserves to be cherished, not polished. If you try to keep your copper cookware … Read more

Should Mushrooms Be Washed Before Cooking or Will They Soak Up the Water?

should mushrooms be washed before cooking or will they soak up the water

The common white or brown button mushrooms in the supermarkets (Agaricus bisporus) are cultivated in beds, or so-called substrate mixtures, that can include anything from hay and crushed corncobs to chicken manure and used straw bedding from horses’ stables. That knowledge bothered me for many years. Repeatedly warned against waterlogging my mushrooms by giving them … Read more

How Can I Make My Own Cooking Spray At Home?

how can i make my own cooking spray at home

Ordinary plastic spray bottles are made to spray watery liquids, not oily ones. Water is thinner (less viscous) than oil and breaks up easily into a mist, but the paltry pressure from a trigger pump isn’t enough to break oil down into microscopic droplets, the way a pressurized aerosol can can. Cookware stores and catalogs … Read more

What Should I Look For When Buying a Frying Pan?

what should i look for when buying a frying pan

First, loosen up your wallet, high quality doesn’t come cheap. The ideal frying pan will distribute the burner’s heat uniformly over its surface, transfer it quickly to the food, and respond promptly to changes in heat settings. That boils down to two qualities: thickness and heat conductivity. Look for a thick pan made out of … Read more

Who Invented Nonstick Cookware, and When?

who invented nonstick cookware and when

Sticking is a two-way street. In order for sticking to occur, there must be both a stick-er and a stickee. At least one partner must be tacky. Quiz: Identify the sticky one in each of the following pairs: Glue and paper. Chewing gum and a shoe sole. A lollipop and a little boy. Very good. … Read more

Why Does Microwaving Frozen Mixed Vegetables Produce Sparks?

why does microwaving frozen mixed vegetables produce sparks

Relax. Don’t sue. There was no metal in your vegetables. I’ll bet it was mainly the carrots that got charred, right? Here’s what probably happened. Frozen foods usually contain ice crystals. But as I pointed out earlier, solid ice doesn’t absorb microwaves nearly as well as liquid water does. The defrost setting on microwave ovens … Read more

Why Do Fresh Peas Boil Over In the Microwave But Not Canned Peas?

why do fresh peas boil over in the microwave but not canned peas

Microwave energy is absorbed primarily by water in the food. The waterlogged canned peas and their surrounding liquid absorb microwaves at pretty much the same rate and will therefore get hot more or less equally. When the water begins to boil, the peas are at about the same temperature, whereupon you undoubtedly consider them to … Read more

Do Microwaves Destroy the Vitamins and Nutrients In Food?

do microwaves destroy the vitamins and nutrients in food

Microwaves change the molecular structure of foods. The process is called “cooking.” All cooking methods cause chemical and molecular changes in our foods. A cooked egg certainly has a different chemical composition from a raw one. No method of cooking will destroy minerals. But heat will destroy vitamin C, for example, no matter how the … Read more

Is It Dangerous To Heat Water In a Microwave Oven?

is it dangerous to heat water in a microwave oven

No and yes. No, it’s unlikely that anything serious will happen, but yes, you should be careful. Microwave-heated water that hasn’t yet come to a full, vigorous boil can indeed be a booby trap. Because microwave energy is absorbed only by the outer inch or so of the water in a cup, the resulting heat … Read more

What Makes a Container Microwave Safe and Why Do They Still Get Hot?

what makes a container microwave safe and why do they still get hot

In principle, the answer is simple: Containers whose molecules aren’t dipoles and will not absorb microwaves. Such molecules will not be jerked around by the microwaves and will not get hot. But in practice, the answer isn’t quite so simple. Surprisingly, in what many people perceive as our overregulated society, there appears to be no … Read more

Can the Microwaves From a Microwave Oven Leak Out and Cook People?

can the microwaves from a microwave oven leak out and cook people

An old, beat-up oven with a warped door may indeed let enough microwaves out through the cracks to be a hazard, but there is extremely little leakage from today’s carefully designed ovens. Moreover, the instant the door is opened, the magnetron shuts off and the microwaves disappear like the light when you turn off a … Read more

Why Can’t You Put Metal Into a Microwave Oven?

why cant you put metal into a microwave oven

Light bounces off mirrors; microwaves bounce off metal. Radar is a kind of microwave that bounces off your speeding car and cooks your goose. If what you put in the oven reflects too many microwaves back instead of absorbing them, the magnetron tube can be damaged. There must always be something in the oven to … Read more

Why Does the Food In a Microwave Have To Be Rotated While Cooking?

why does the food in a microwave have to be rotated while cooking

It’s hard to design a microwave oven in which the intensity of the microwaves is completely uniform throughout the entire volume of the box so that food in all locations will be subjected to the same heating power. Moreover, any food in the oven is sucking up microwaves and upsetting whatever uniformity there might otherwise … Read more

How Do Microwaves Make Heat and Cook Food?

how do microwaves make heat and cook food

Don’t try to find the answer to that question in food books. With only one exception, every book in my food library, including those devoted exclusively to microwave cooking, either evades the question entirely or gives the same misleading answer. Evading the issue only reinforces the less-than-helpful notion of a magic box. But promulgating a … Read more

Where Do Microwaves Come From?

where do microwaves come from

There is so much anxiety among home cooks about microwave ovens that you’d think they were kitchen-sized nuclear reactors. The situation is not helped by some authors of food books, who seem not to know the difference between microwaves and radioactivity. Yes, they are both radiations, but so are the television radiations that bring us … Read more

How Has Cooking Evolved Since the Discovery of Fire?

how has cooking evolved since the discovery of fire

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the British essayist and critic Charles Lamb (1775–1834), in “A Dissertation on Roast Pig,” tells how humans first discovered cooking or, more precisely, roasting, after “for the first seventy thousand ages” eating their meat raw by “clawing or biting it from the living animal.” The story, purportedly discovered in … Read more

Is There Any Alcohol In a Non-Alcoholic Beer? And How Much?

is there any alcohol in a non alcoholic beer and how much

The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 27, Chapter 1, part 7, etc., etc., etc. says that “the terms ‘low alcohol’ or ‘reduced alcohol’ may be used only on malt beverages containing less than 2.5 percent alcohol by volume” and that nonalcoholic beer must contain less than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume. By volume? Yes, … Read more

Why Is the Percentage of Alcohol On the Label Not Included On Some Bottles of Beer?

why is the percentage of alcohol on the label not included on some bottles of beer

It used to be that the federal government prohibited brewers from listing the percentage of alcohol on the labels of beers to discourage people from choosing their beverages based on alcohol content. But that’s not true anymore. In 1935, two years after the repeal of Prohibition, the Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA) Act prohibited the labeling … Read more

Why Is Moderate Alcohol Consumption a Benefit To Heart Health?

why is moderate alcohol consumption a benefit to heart health

The usual evasive answer to this question is “one or two drinks a day.” But what is “a drink,” anyway? A bottle of beer? A glass of wine? A brimful, six-ounce martini? There are tall drinks and short drinks, stiff drinks and weak drinks. One man’s drink may look to the next guy like a … Read more

Why Do Some Wine Bottles Have Corks Made of Plastic?

why do some wine bottles have corks made of plastic

I asked the same question on a trip to Portugal and western Spain, where more than half of the world’s cork is grown, but I was unable to get a satisfactory answer. It was like asking a silkworm about polyester. Back home, I learned why many wineries are switching to plastic stoppers. Yes, they’re more … Read more

What Is the Best Way To Keep Soda Pop From Going Flat?

what is the best way to keep soda pop from going flat

If you can’t finish the whole bottle and you want to keep the leftovers gassy and sassy until the next pizza, just stopper it tightly and keep it cold. You knew that. But why? The objective is to keep all of the remaining carbon dioxide in the bottle, because it’s the carbon dioxide, bursting its … Read more

How Can a Bottle of Soda Pop Go Flat If It Has Never Been Opened?

how can a bottle of soda pop go flat if it has never been opened

My first reaction was no, not if there isn’t a slow leak somewhere in the bottle’s seal. But after extensive research, which consisted of dialing the 800 Consumer Information number on a Coca-Cola label, I find that it is not only possible, it’s quite common. After prompting the nice woman who answered the phone to … Read more

How Does Burping Contribute To Global Warming?

how does burping contribute to global warming

Don’t laugh. That’s a good question. So good, in fact, that I thought of it myself when I learned that 15.2 billion gallons of carbonated soft drinks and 6.2 billion gallons of beer were consumed in 1999 in the United States. And what do you suppose happened to all the carbon dioxide in those beverages? … Read more

How Safe Is the Acid In Tang and Coke?

how safe is the acid in tang and coke

I don’t know what you’ve been drinking, but there are plenty of riskier beverages out there than Tang and Coke. I’d be concerned about this particular duo only if my stomach were made of soap scum or rust. Just because a chemical does something to one substance doesn’t mean it’ll do the same thing to … Read more

How Does Drinking Soda Pop Like Coke Cause Bones To Weaken?

how does drinking soda pop like coke cause bones to weaken

It’s a mistaken notion that all carbonated soft drinks are rich in the chemical element phosphorus (which almost everyone, it seems, wants to misspell as “phosphorous”). The only thing that all carbonated soft drinks have in common is carbonated water: carbon dioxide dissolved in water. Beyond that, they contain a wide variety of flavorings and … Read more

Where Does Tea Come From and What Is the Plant Called?

where does tea come from and what is the plant called

There is only one plant, Camellia sinensis and a couple of hybrids thereof, whose leaves can be steeped in hot water to make real tea. They may have different names, depending, among other things, on where they were grown. Some of those “tea” bags you may be offered, such as chamomile, for example, do not … Read more

Are the Chemicals Used In Decaffeinated Coffee Safe Or Toxic?

are the chemicals used in decaffeinated coffee safe or toxic

The chemicals used to decaffeinate coffee are related to cleaning fluid, yes, but different. Like my Uncle Leon. In chemical families, as in human families, there are both similarities and idiosyncrasies. Caffeine itself, for example, is a member of the alkaloid family of powerful plant chemicals that includes such bad actors as nicotine, cocaine, morphine, … Read more