Did Games and Graffiti Exist in the Stone Age?

Provin, a town about 50 miles from Paris, is built over a much older town. This old village consists of underground corridors and chambers, some of which were built during the Middle Ages. At the time these rooms were built, no one knew that just underneath them lay an even older town, built long before the nation of France existed.

This ancient complex of rooms includes huge halls almost 600 feet long and chambers with 16-foot-high arched ceilings. They were built during some prehistoric period, but what purpose they served is unknown. Some of the symbols and designs found on the walls of these ancient rooms are thought to be a form of graffiti, scribbled by primitive people thousands of years ago!

Also in France, near the town of Le Masd’Azil, is a cave in which were found painted pebbles some 12,000 years old. The pebbles are oval in shape and are decorated with circles, stripes, and crosses. What function did they serve? Some experts believe that the painted pebbles were used to play some kind of Stone Age game!