How Did Jason and the Argonauts Retrieve the Golden Fleece In Greek Mythology?

Jason and his comrades, called the Argonauts, built a mighty ship, the Argo, to carry them safely through the long journey.

They sailed through many adventures before arriving in Colchis and appearing before King Aeetes.

King Aeetes despised Greeks, and he told Jason that he would slaughter all of them. Calmly, Jason told the king that he would complete any task in exchange for the Golden Fleece.

The king challenged Jason to yoke two fire breathing bulls and sow a field with dragon’s teeth.

To help Jason, the goddess Hera made King Aeetes’ lovely daughter, Medea, fall in love with Jason.

Medea was a skilled sorceress, and she gave Jason magical potions and the secrets he needed to perform his task. With this knowledge, he was able to subdue the fire-breathing bulls and plant dragon’s teeth in the plowed furrows.

Immediately after he had planted the teeth, armed warriors grew up from the ground.

Following Medea’s advice, Jason threw a stone in the midst of them. Each warrior accused the other of throwing the rock, and they stabbed and hacked each other until none were left alive.

But King Aeetes had no intention of honoring his pledge to Jason, and he plotted to massacre Jason and his crew while they slept.

Suspecting her father’s treachery, Medea urged Jason to take the fleece before dawn.

Together, they stole into the sacred grove where the fleece hung in a tree. Medea cast a spell on the guardian dragon, sending it into a deep slumber.

Jason quickly seized the fleece and hurried with Medea back to the Argo, where they roused the crew and escaped from Colchis.