Who Was Jason In Ancient Greek Mythology and How Did Jason Regain His Father’s Kingdom?

Jason was a hero in ancient Greek mythology whose travels took him to the ends of the earth.

When Jason was a young man, he agreed to carry an old woman across a river.

The old woman was the goddess Hera in disguise, and Jason enjoyed Hera’s gratitude and protection for the rest of his life.

Jason’s father was once a great king. But his father’s brother stole the throne, and when Jason grew to be a young man, he traveled to regain his father’s kingdom.

When he reached the land, Jason boldly announced his intentions to King Pelias.

Pelias was terrified of Jason and planned to get rid of him by sending him on an impossible mission.

The king agreed to surrender the throne if Jason could complete one task, recovering the Golden Fleece.

Jason accepted the challenge and gathered his comrades together.