How Did King Arthur Die In the Battle Against Mordred’s Army and What Happened To His Sword Excalibur?

With ranks formed and weapons drawn, King Arthur’s army and Mordred’s army tensely confronted each other across a large field.

Before the battle, Arthur and Mordred came together for one last meeting.

Neither leader trusted the other, so they ordered their knights to attack immediately if anyone pulled their sword.

Surrounded by a small band of knights, Arthur and Mordred held their discussion. While they spoke, a snake slithered through the grass and bit a knight on the heel.

Acting on reflex, the knight pulled his sword. Both armies saw the flash of the sword.

Suddenly, the ranks of knights gave a shout and advanced into battle. For the next several hours, England’s greatest knights slaughtered each other, until only two were left standing.

Mordred lay dead, killed by Arthur, who now staggered off the field, mortally wounded.

Realizing he was about to die, Arthur ordered his remaining followers to carry him from the field. He ordered his knight Bedivere to cast Excalibur into a lake, where a hand suddenly appeared and pulled it below the surface.

Arthur then was carried onto a magic boat, which disappeared to the island of Avalon. There, some people say, Arthur is healing from his wounds.

Sometime in the future, when England needs him most, he will return in glory and deliver victory.