How Did the Gods Try To Bring Balder Back To Life In Norse Mythology and Why Did Balder Remain In Hel?

In Norse mythology, Balder’s death plunged all of Asgard into grief.

Haider, Odin’s son, agreed to ride down to Hel and bring Balder back to life.

Riding Sleipnir, Odin’s eight-legged horse, Haider galloped swiftly down the dark road that led to the walls of Hel.

Urged by Haider, Sleipner leaped over the walls and into the main hall of Hel. There he found Balder sitting on a throne with Hel sitting beside him.

Hel agreed to release Balder on one condition, all things in the world had to weep for his death. If one creature resisted, then Balder would remain in Hel.

The gods sent the message throughout the world, and all things responded. Animals and men wept.

Stones, metal, and trees shed tears. Finally, a messenger of the gods discovered a female giant lying alone in a cave.

The giantess was none other than Loki in disguise. The messenger asked her if she mourned for Balder.

Twisted by his hatred, Loki responded no.

Hel heard the answer, and Balder remained in Hel.