How Was Osiris the Egyptian God Murdered and How Did Seth Become the King of Egypt?

Osiris left Egypt to teach men and women throughout the world the secrets of farming and civilization.

While he was gone, his faithful wife Isis ruled in his place. When Osiris at last returned, Seth invited him to a grand banquet.

During the celebration, Seth displayed a magnificent chest covered with decorations. Seth told his guests that the chest belonged to whoever could fit into it exactly.

Each guest tried to fit into the chest. Some were too tall, others were too short.

Finally, it was Osiris’s turn. He fit perfectly.

As he lay there, Seth suddenly slammed the lid shut and sealed the chest with molten lead.

He heaved the chest into the Nile River, where it swiftly floated downstream and out of sight.

Osiris suffocated inside the chest, and Seth became the king of Egypt.