How Were Asgard’s Walls Built In Norse Mythology and Why Was the Wall Surrounding Asgard Incomplete?

After the magnificent halls of Asgard were complete, a mysterious stranger offered to surround Asgard with a stone wall to protect the gods against their enemies.

The man claimed to be a great stonemason, so Loki suggested that he complete the task in six months.

The man agreed, and for payment he asked for the sun, the moon, and the beautiful goddess Freyja.

The gods laughed among themselves, convinced that no one could complete the walls in such a short time.

But the stranger had the help of a powerful stallion, who tirelessly hauled stones day and night.

Stunned, the gods watched as the walls climbed higher and higher.

With only three days left in the six month period, it was obvious that the stonemason would keep his side of the deal.

As the gods began to panic, Loki devised a plan to foil him. He turned himself into a lovely female horse and lured the stonemason’s stallion away.

Without the stallion, the stonemason was unable to finish the walls.

Enraged, he began to yell and shout, and his body swelled immensely in size, revealing his true identity, a frost giant.

Immediately, Thor crashed his mighty hammer onto the giant’s head, toppling him to the ground, dead.