How Were Gregor Mendel’s Laws of Heredity Simultaneously Rediscovered In 1900 By Three Scientists?

In 1900, an amazing coincidence took place in the scientific world.

Three scientists, unknown to each other, had all discovered the laws of heredity simultaneously.

They were Hugo de Vries of Holland, Carl Torrens of Germany, and Erich Tschermak of Austria-Hungary.

Before announcing their great discovery to the world, they checked the earlier work of scientists in the field in various science journals.

They all saw a copy of the 1865 journal of the obscure Brunn Natural History Society with Mendel’s paper in it.

They tried contacting this unknown scientist and discovered he had died 16 years before.

Instead of taking credit for the discovery, each man admitted that credit for the laws of heredity truly belonged to Gregor Mendel.

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