What are some examples of Cuban dishes and What does ropa vieja mean in Spanish?

Ropa vieja is a Cuban stew of shredded beef; the name means “old clothes.”

Cubans also enjoy many of the same comidas criollas as other West Indian Latinos: roast pig, plantains, rice and beans (preferably black beans).

A boniato is something like a stuffed, deep-fried potato; arroz moro is a beans and rice dish. A Cuban sandwich is a pressed and toasted assortment of foods.

what are some examples of cuban dishes and what does ropa vieja mean in spanish

A cafecita is a variety of espresso, or strong black coffee, in a small cup. It is also known as cafe cubano, or Cuban coffee.

If you can’t get to Cuba, you can enjoy a cafecita at caf├ęs in Miami, or perhaps a batido, or tropical milkshake.

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