What do Starfish Eat?

Starfish like to live on the bottom of the ocean, and they don’t care if that means three feet deep or 20,000 feet deep.

Starfish are also called sea stars, and while most of them have five arms, which make them look exactly like stars, others have as many as sixteen arms. Some of these animals are as small as a half inch across, and others measure three feet.

Many starfish are beautifully colored. They all have a mouth on the underside of their center disc and hundreds of very small feet under their arms. The feet are made like tubes and give them suction power.

They can climb straight up the glass sides of an aquarium tank! Sea stars love to eat oysters, and they don’t have any trouble opening the shells. They just wrap their arms around the oyster shell and, using the suction power of their feet, pull at the shell until it opens.

Those feet are little wonders. They keep moving all the time, and the starfish is always on the move looking for food.

Starfish can regenerate arms lost to predators and they have no brains or blood.