When Did Modern Man Appear on Earth?

It is believed that man developed from the same general grouping of animals as monkeys and apes, however, the ancestors of the human race were a separate group of animals which walked erect on two feet.

It is thought that man, with his present build, was established by 25,000 B.C. The Neanderthal Man and Cro-Magnon Man, who might very well have led to the development of modern humans, had already died out by this time.

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3 thoughts on “When Did Modern Man Appear on Earth?”

  1. I wonder why written languages do not appear earlier in human history. They were using their brains to invent societies and their hands to invent tools. They must have had an understanding of math in order to trade. It amazes me that no clay or stone tablets survive from 25,000 years ago with writing on them, then suddenly, Egyptian and Babylonian and Chinese civilizations explode with written records using not simple alphabets, but ones containing hundreds if not thousands of symbols.

  2. If we Modern Humans “divided” and “evolved” from other species on Earth why did none of these branch cousins of ours advance their intelligent ability beyond what their ability was millions of years age and all remain today with essentially the equivalent brain power or intelligence, while Modern Humans alone advanced their brain power hundreds of thousands or ever millions of years beyond all other animal species on Earth? Only two possibilities can account for that intelligence divide. 1) We were colonized on Earth from some other planet long after other life was seeded or evolved on Earth, or God created us and placed us on Earth more recently, or 2) Mother Nature caused a species changing brain-lobe interconnectivity DNA mutation that made our brain into a parallel wired brain in which we could utilize all of our brain lobes simultaneously while all other animals on Earth did not experience the same mutation and remain even today with their original series wired brain and are only capable of using a limited number of their brain lobes simultaneously. Multi-track vs. one-track brains…

  3. Recent DNA research has proven that Neanderthal, the last of the African hominid species is not related to Cro-Magnon or we Modern Humans. There is no DNA or other evidence that Modern Humans are related or an off-branch of any of the African hominids found in Africa. We have NO DNA of other hominid species, but can speculate on a reasonable and rational answer.

    If there is no DNA connection between Neanderthal and Modern Humans there is no relationship between Modern Humans and Neanderthal and their African ancestors. Modern Humans are simply different than all other lifeforms on Earth, including all the Chimp like hominid specimens claimed to be Modern Human ancestors…They were more than likely Neanderthal’s ancestors. And, no one knows from where Modern Humans originated or came from. Modern Humans simply appeared, but from where no one knows.

    DNA doesn’t lie!


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