When Was Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House Built?

The Queen of England has the tiny stove, and she has a working refrigerator six inches high, a one inch-high kitchen scale that actually weighs things, a five-inch vacuum cleaner that sucks up dust, and a golden, carved piano eight inches from front to back on which every black and white key plays its own note.

She also has a six-and-three-quarter-inch motorcycle with side car that has a gasoline engine that really runs. Why does the queen have all these fine items?

They are all part of a miniature castle given to the Queen of England in the 1920s. Everything in this dollhouse works just as it would if it were full-size. There is even a library filled with one-inch-high leather-bound books with real stories and poems by real authors printed inside.

Hot and cold running water spurt from tiny water faucets, and elevators ride up and down on cables made of fishing line, pulled by the same electricity that lights the miniature lamps.