Where does the word “Chowderheaded” come from and What does Chowderheaded mean?

“Chowderheaded” is a curious bit of slang traceable back more than four hundred years, though, like much current slang, the earliest term cannot be explained.

Chowder here does not denote a stew; it’s just a mispronunciation of cholter, for cholter-headed was the form that began to appear in the early nineteenth century.

But that, which made no sense either, was a corruption of jolter-headed, used through the previous century, and, in turn, it was derived from the earliest form, jolthead.

where does the word chowderheaded come from and what does chowderheaded mean

Heaven knows the source of that, but it, too, meant a blockhead, a stupid or clumsy person.

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