Which Country Has The Fewest Cars?

Bangladesh is one of the poorest, most heavily populated nations on earth.

Though it is only about the size of Idaho, Bangladesh had a population of about 85 million! While 86 countries are larger in area, only 7 have a larger population.

The population density of this crowded country is about 1,554 people per square mile! The only countries that are more heavily populated are a few city-states, such as Monaco and Hong Kong, and two small island nations, Malta and Barbados.

Most of Bangladesh is a subtropical plain, with many rivers, swamps, and jungles. About one-third of the country is flooded during the rainy season, and there are large areas of rice paddies, Bangladesh is the world’s fourth leading rice producer.

There is very little industry in Bangladesh. The average income of Bangladesh’s people is among the ten lowest on earth. Even though Bangladesh has 85 million people, there are only about 32,000 automobiles in the entire country.

That means there’s only one car in Bangladesh for every 2,600 persons!