Who Was Sigurd In Norse Mythology and Why Did the Birds Tell Sigurd To Find a Valkyrie Named Brynhild?

Sigurd was the greatest hero of Norse mythology.

Like many other ambitious men, Sigurd hoped to slay Fafnir and take his treasure.

Accompanied by Fafnir’s brother, Regin, Sigurd searched for the dragon. Finally, they found the tracks it made as it traveled from its lair to drink at a river.

Regin suggested to Sigurd that he dig a trench along the path and lie down in it. When the dragon passed by, Sigurd stabbed his sword into its soft underbelly, slicing it open and killing it.

Afterwards, Regin asked Sigurd to cut open the dragon and give him the heart. Later, Sigurd roasted the heart over a fire while Regin drifted off to sleep.

To test the meat, Sigurd ran his fingers over the heart and licked the blood. Suddenly, he could understand the birds singing in the tree above him.

They told him that the heart had magical powers, and that Regin wanted the treasure for himself.

Enraged, Sigurd sliced off Regin’s head and ate the dragon’s heart. The birds then told Sigurd to find a Valkyrie named Brynhild. She would give him more knowledge and wisdom.

A carved wood detail from the portal of a 1100s Norwegian church at Hylestad, Setesdal, showed the story of Sigurd slaying the dragon Fafnir.

The portal was made of many carved wooden panels.