How Will the World End According To Hindu Mythology and How Does Rudra Destroy the Earth?

The Hindus believe that the earth is born, exists, and is then destroyed in an endless cycle.

Brahma gives birth to the world, Vishnu protects it, and Shiva destroys it.

When it is time for the world to come to an end, a one hundred year drought will kill many of the world’s creatures.

Vishnu will then transform into the god Rudra and enter the sun.

The sun will increase in heat until all the water on earth will steam, boil, and dry up.

The earth will then be cleansed in fire.

Then Shiva as the god Rudra will blow great clouds together, and sheets of rain will swamp the earth for one thousand years.

With the universe in a state of watery chaos, Brahma will create the new world.