Is Britain the Same as England?

So many different terms are used today for the place most of us call England that it can get downright confusing!

The British Isles are a group of islands off the coast of Europe. The two biggest islands are called Great Britain and Ireland.

The United Kingdom is the name of the country that includes all of the island of Great Britain, plus a part of Ireland called Northern Ireland. The rest of Ireland is an independent nation.

The island of Great Britain is divided into three parts: England, Scotland, and Wales. Strictly speaking, England is only the section that occupies most of the southern half of the island.

But Britain means the whole island. So the words England and Britain don’t really mean the same thing at all!

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3 thoughts on “Is Britain the Same as England?”

  1. The answer i saw on this page was good. Firstly it is quite shocking that anyone would be confused between the two. Great Britain is not made up of parts (as the answer above states) it is made up of four DIFFERENT COUNTRIES – Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. England is only ONE of the many countries which make up Britain. (The United Kingdom comprises all the countries above plus the Republic of Ireland).

    So please lets lay this to rest completely, Britain does not equal England, being British does not necessarily mean you are English. Being British means you are either from the countries Scotland (Scottish), England (English), Wales (Welsh) or Northern Ireland (Northern Irish).

    Thinking that England is the same as Britain is as moronic and ignorant as thinking Europe is the same as France or North America is the same as Canada. So please in future when you are talking about Britain as a whole please do not refer to just England or call everyone who is British, English – its inaccurate. Otherwise we might just start calling all Americans, Canadians and so on…well its all the same thing, right?

  2. scotinsydney, I do not think many people in Dublin will be pleased at you telling Americans they live in the UK. But then how would you know, living in Papua, New Guinea, LOL.

  3. Your lead article says there is confusion about four countries politically grouped together. The U.S. is a political grouping of fifty states, with different state taxes, different laws, different senators and governors. Why are we not confused? Maybe the rest of the world pays attention to more than its own narrow, selfish interests.

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