Where Did Food Fall from the Sky?

The Bible tells that when the Israelites were wandering in the desert after their escape from Egypt, they lived on food that fell from the sky. Each morning, the Israelites gathered this food, called manna, which looked like white seeds.

An incident that occurred in England in 1979 might remind us of the biblical story of manna. On February 12, a “rain” of seeds fell on houses and gardens near the city of Southampton. A number of times that day, mustard seeds and cress seeds fell from the sky, some of them covered with a kind of jelly.

The next day, pea and bean seeds rained from the sky and fell on the same houses. About ten pounds of them were collected and planted, and they yielded excellent peas and beans. Oddly enough, this “food from the sky” fell on a few houses and gardens on the same street, but nowhere else in the area!

Two years earlier, a similar case of “manna from heaven” was reported in England. On March 13, 1977, hundreds of hazelnuts rained down on a parking lot in the city of Bristol. Hazelnuts were out of season at that time of year, but the falling nuts were perfectly fresh! And they fell nowhere else but on the parking lot.

Where did the nuts and seeds come from? Everyone agreed they fell from the sky. How did the “manna” find its way into the sky? No one knows.