Who Were the Ancient Greeks and How Did Greek Mythology Inspire Western Civilization?

who were the ancient greeks and how did greek mythology inspire western civilization

The ancient Greeks lived throughout the Greek peninsula and islands and along the nearby coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. They thrived from 800 B.C. until 133 B.C., when Roman armies conquered Greece. During those centuries, the Greeks created a glorious civilization of art, literature, and architecture that still inspires and influences Western civilization today. The … Read more

Who Was the Trickster In African Mythology and How Are Tricksters Used As Characters In Myths?

who was the trickster in african mythology and how are tricksters used as characters in myths

African myths often describe a small and weak character defeating a stronger opponent through cunning and trickery. This mythological figure is called “the trickster.” Tricksters are popular characters in many world mythologies, including Norse (Loki) and North American Indian (Coyote). African American folklore tells the antics of “Brer Rabbit,” a small rabbit who outsmarts larger … Read more

How Did Monkey Trick Shark According To West African Mythology?

how did monkey trick shark according to west african mythology

Monkey lived in a tall tree by the ocean. Bushels of sweet fruit called mangoes grew in the tree. Whenever he was hungry, Monkey hopped through the branches and ate the delicious fruit. Sometimes, he threw the mangoes into the ocean and was delighted by the giant splash. Swimming beneath the waves, Shark enjoyed eating … Read more

How Did Mantis Get Fire According To San Mythology?

how did mantis get fire according to san mythology scaled

One day, Mantis smelled a wonderful aroma floating through the countryside. Curious, Mantis peeked through a bush and saw Ostrich roasting food over a fire. When Ostrich finished eating, he took the fire and tucked it under his wing. Mantis had never seen fire, and he now wanted it for himself. When Ostrich jogged by, … Read more

How Did Isis Give Birth To Osiris’s Son In Ancient Egyptian Mythology?

how did isis give birth to osiriss son in ancient egyptian mythology

Devastated by her husband’s death, Isis frantically began searching for his body. She learned from farmers and sailors that the chest had floated out to the Mediterranean Sea and had come ashore in present day Lebanon. There, a tree had grown around it, enfolding the chest within its roots and bark. A king had noticed … Read more

How Did Horus Challenge Seth According To Ancient Egyptian Religion?

how did horus challenge seth according to ancient egyptian religion

When Horns was old enough, Horus challenged Seth for the throne of Egypt. The two gods clashed in terrible warfare. Horus won many victories, but Seth was cunning and always escaped. Finally, Seth and Horns agreed to stop fighting and to settle the issue before an assembly of the gods. The trial lasted eighty years … Read more

What Is African Mythology and How Did African Mythology Originate?

what is african mythology and how did african mythology originate

Africa is home to hundreds of different peoples, who have developed many complex mythologies and stories. Most of these tales were passed down from one generation to the next by word of mouth. The particular culture or area that the myth comes from is usually noted in parentheses after the topic. The Yoruba god of … Read more

How Were People Created According To Yoruba Mythology?

how were people created according to yoruba mythology

Now that there was land, Obatala planted a palm nut that grew into the first tree. This tree scattered its nuts, and soon the ground sprouted many kinds of plants. From high above in the sky, Olorun watched Obatala with great interest. He sent down a chameleon to ask Obatala if he needed anything. Obatala … Read more

How Was the World Created According To Yoruba Mythology?

how was the world created according to yoruba mythology

At the beginning of time, the universe was divided into two regions, the sky and an endless stretch of water and marsh. Many gods lived in the sky world, but only one cared about the vast stretch of water beneath. His name was Obatala. Obatala asked Olorun, ruler of the sky, if he could cover … Read more

Why Do People Die According To Nuer Mythology?

why do people die according to nuer mythology

Where the Nuer people live, a rope once dropped out of heaven and reached the earth. Any old person could climb up the rope into heaven and return to earth as a young person. In those times, people lived forever. But one day, a hyena climbed the rope. The High God in heaven ordered the … Read more

How Did Sogbo Become God of the Thunderstorm In Fon Mythology?

how did sogbo become god of the thunderstorm in fon mythology

After creating the world and the universe, the goddess Mawu let her two sons, Sagbata and Sogbo, rule over it. The brothers, however, bitterly argued. Finally, in a fit of rage, Sagbata left the sky world to live on earth. As Sagbata packed his things together in a hag, he realized that if he packed … Read more

How Did the Hare Clear His Fields In West African Mythology?

how did the hare clear his fields in west african mythology

One day, Hare decided to get married. But he encountered a problem, Hare hated to work, and he needed to clear a field and plant crops to support a wife. His field was covered with thick, tangled bushes, and the task appeared hopeless. Then, Hare had an idea. He took a rope and challenged an … Read more

How Did the Ostrich Get Its Long Neck According To Kikuyu Mythology?

how did the ostrich get its long neck according to kikuyu mythology

Originally, the ostrich had a short neck, just like a duck or a partridge. One day, a male ostrich told his wife that he would rest on the eggs for one evening. The wife, weary from sitting for several weeks, was thrilled. While her husband made himself comfortable, she pranced about their nest in joy. … Read more

What Is the Mesopotamian Myth of Creation and How Did the Universe Begin According To Mesopotamian Mythology?

what is the mesopotamian myth of creation and how did the universe begin according to mesopotamian mythology

The Mesopotamians believed that the universe began as water. The water was ruled over by the god, Apsu, and the goddess, Tiamat. Apsu and Tiamat had several children and grandchildren who often quarreled loudly among themselves, sometimes violently. Desperate for some peace, Apsu decided to destroy them all. The god Ea learned of the plan … Read more